Donors to the Gadsden Cultural Arts Foundation in 2011

We thank everyone who helped us make 2011 such a success! Without your support we would not be able to bring all the programs and events that we bring to the Gadsden Community. Thank you!

Listings are sorted by amount given. Bold Listing indicates Chairman’s Club member

Gifts of more than $15,000

Pei-Ling Charitable Trust

Gifts of more than $5,000 but less than $15,000

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Maise Exchange Bank of Alabama Mr. and Mrs. Rick Vaughan
Etowah County Tourism Board

Gifts between $3,000 and $5,000

Daugette Family Trust Merrill Lynch and Co Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites
Devan Lowe, Inc. NES Rentals Mr. George W. Terrell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Melton Terrell Ms Martha Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Hollar
Alabama Technology Network

Gifts of more than $1,000 but less than $3,000

The Caring Foundation Ms. Kay Moore Riverview Regional Medical Center
Alabama Power Company Foundation Katharine T. Carter & Associates Gadsden Pediatric Clinic, P.A.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Condra Hardin and Company Dr. and Mrs. William H. Simpson
Dr. and Mrs. William N. Haller, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William N. Haller, III Dr. and Mrs. Seth Spotnitz
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Inc Dr. Stella Sung Mr. Darrin Battles
Mr. and Mrs. Tim McCartney Lori Criswell & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Terry Duke
BBVA Compass Councilman Billy C. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brown
Dr. and Mrs. W. Webb Sledge Ms Lori Powers BBVA Compass Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Elias Ghafary Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Hill Mr. and Mrs. James McArthur
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Brown Councilman and Mrs. Robert W. Echols Ms. Ava Nelle Moore

Gifts of $1,000

Anonymous Blackstone Pub and Eatery Mr. and Mrs. Randy Cosby
Downtown Tavern Dr. and Mrs. Hillmon Holley, M.D. Ms. Elisabeth Hardin
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hudak Dr. and Mrs. Jed L. Kaplan Bishop and Mrs J. Lloyd Knox
L.B. Chemicals Company Owen Agency Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Ray Mr. and Mrs. Don Rhea Mr. and Mrs. Max Stinson
The Surgery Clinic Dr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Walker EMC Insurance Companies
Insurance Facilities, Inc. Superior Bank Judy and Russell Arthur
Mrs. Faye Graves Mr. and Mrs. Greg Gregerson Dr. and Mrs Ken Hager
Mrs. Jack L. Ray Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Witherspoon Mr. and Mrs. Mike Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Batey, Jr. Osborn Transportation, Inc. Ms. Rebecca Rhodes
Randy Jones Insurance Agency Mr. Allen Ray Mr. and Mrs. Gary Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Chandonnet Calhoun Power Company

Gifts of $500 but less than $1,000

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Muratta Councilman Billy Harris Michele Atkins and Shelby Cochran
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Cusimano Mr. & Mrs. James E. Hedgspeth, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David L. Harwood
Ann and Dave Cummans Ms. Mary Jo Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Shepard Midgley
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fowler Keystone Bank Dr. and Mrs. Kevin and Lisa Lackey
Law Office of Philip E Miles, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Masters Mr. Billy Clyde Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ensley Gadsden Service Guild Shannon and Banks, Inc.
Councilman Deverick Williams

Gifts of $100 but less than $500

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Storey Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Gagliardo Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Grissett
Dr. and Mrs. C. William Hartzog Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crabtree Ms. Brenda Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest D. Cordell, Jr. Dr. Paul Muratta Foote Brothers Carpet
Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Thompson Powers & Associates Councilman Robert Avery
Councilman Johnny Cannon Councilman Ben Reed Col. Ed Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Lamar and Phyllis Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hall Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Turk
Cusimano, Keener, Roberts and Kimberley, PC Equity Management Group Mr. Mike Gagliardo
Mr. and Mrs. Benny McNair Mrs. Mariella McNair Dr. and Mrs. Lew Mitchell
Dr. Manis Smith Jonathan Welch and Denise Gandy Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wetzel
Mr & Mrs R. Sidney Clements Motivational Concepts, Inc The Southern Bank Company
Mrs. Jane Patton Mr. William Tumlin Dr. Noor Karim
Mr. and Mrs. Malcom Howard Howard Core Company Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Fuller Mrs. Jean Francis Ms. Anita Hill
Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Owens Alabama Power Company Ms. Tracy Billingsley
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cleveland Dr. and Mrs. Dinesh Parmar DeSoto Fiber Guild
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Carrell Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Gregerson, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Struntz
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gardipee Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lombard Mr. and Mrs. Tom McKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rhea Mr. and Mrs. Keely J. Abel Ms. Jean K. Cantor
Dr. and Mrs. John Vanore Mr. and Mrs. John McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown, Jr
Mr. Steve Edge Drs. Glenn and Darla Fitzwater Dr. and Mrs. Samuel G Norris, Jr.
Sheri Pennington Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Phillips Dr. and Mrs. George C. Robinson, III
Dr & Mrs Bill Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Allan I. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Herb Stappenbeck
Mr. Ray Nettles Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Waldrop Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Boatner Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Davis Judge and Mrs. Wayne Owen
Ms. Jan Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Barr Miller, IV Ms. Becky Snead
Ms. Stacey White Mr and Mrs. Barry Russell Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Boman
Mrs. Joe W. Denson Dr. and Mrs. R. S. Frederick IQMO Transcriptions, LLC
Mr & Mrs Frank Tarrant Col. and Mrs. Carl Harrison Mr. and Mrs Jim Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Lister Mr. and Mrs. William P. Stofko Ms. Cathie Glosser Gleaves
Mrs. Rex Brown Ms. Mary Sue Cowell Dr. and Mrs. Leigh Hemphill
Dr. and Mrs. Sathyan Iyer Moody Nolan, Inc. Jeanne B. Cantu

Gifts of up to $100

Mr. and Mrs. Wole and Oyetunji Akisanya Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Arias Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barrett, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Cantrell Mr. and Mrs. David Clokey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David L. Clokey
Mr & Mrs Shannon Davis Christopher and Susan Day Mr. & Mrs. Walter Duminski
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Early Mr & Mrs David Ellis Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Cezanne Ferguson, Jr.
Mr. David Fuller and Kathleen Snyder Mr. Bill Zemo Mr. and Mrs. Merlin B. Hagedorn
Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Hawkins Candac Helms-Simard Mr. and Mrs. Kent Henslee
Dr. Kenneth Herlong Mr. and Mrs. Randy Holland Mr. and Mrs. Burnis Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Howard Mr. Ross Hudak Dr. and Ms. Gordon R. Isbell, III
Mr. & Mrs. Chad Jones Ms. Charlotte Kiger Mr. & Mrs. Ben Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. John Larkins Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Littlefield Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Malone
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Martin Ms. Elizabeth Mathis Dr. M. Nancy McCorkle-McGwier
Mr & Mrs Jason McKiven Mr. and Mrs. Ira Phillips, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. James R. Phillips
Judge and Mrs. William W. Rayburn Judge and Mrs. William Rhea Jose Rivas
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Roberts Mr & Mrs Bob Roberts Dr. and Mrs. D. E. Sailsbury
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Sandridge Mr. and Mrs. Heath Simmons Mr. and Dr. Brian Snell
Dr. and Mrs. George Stacey Dr. and Mrs. Morris Steinberg Dr. and Mrs. Donald Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Collins Tackaberry Chris Turner Mr. and Mrs. Curry Turner
Mrs. Suzanne Valentine Dr. and Mrs. Merle Wade Malia West
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Wigley Dr. and Mrs. Danny Wilborn Ms. Ashley D. Wilheim
Dr. and Mrs. David Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Wilson Mrs. Susan Douglas
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Ms Carole W. Campbell Ms. Carol Carmack
Heather Rollin Clemmer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dean Mr. Richard Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Gladden Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Heard Mr. and Mrs. Robb Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Reaves Ms Tiffany Sayles Ms. Brandy Scott
Debra Spear Mr Lee Strahan Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yocum
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Behrens Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cody Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dupree
Rev. and Mrs James E. Elliott, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Fambrough Amy Heatherly Eidson
Hoyt and Amelia Heflin Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Holtsford Janice Horton
Ms. Karon Kimbril Tammy and Scott Lowrey Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKiven
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mitchell Mr. Harold Overton Mr. Rip Reagan
Mr & Mrs Mel Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lee Trotter Ms. Stefani Riddle Cooper
Ms. Christine Cunningham Ms. Jill Davenport Jimmy and Shelby May
Mr. and Mrs. Don Miles Mr & Mrs Greg Pearson Dr. and Mrs Jim Prucnal
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roberg Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Smith Mr. and Mrs. Earnie Whittenberg
Mr.and Mrs. Steven J Williams Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bearden Alice and Ralph Bircheat
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Copeland Mr. and Mrs. Robert Day Ms. Donna Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. George Hightower Judge and Mrs. Bobby Junkins Ms Christa Lagan
Ms Nancy Loconto Mr. and Mrs. E. C. McGarity, Jr. Zynia Pua-Vines
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Puckett Mr. and Mrs. Steve Scharfenberg Ms. Katherine Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Corban Stone Mr & Mrs Doug Waldrup Dr. and Mrs. Jason Ayres
Mrs Emily Balenger Mr. and Mrs. Gregg E. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Brian Connell
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Dasinger Mr. and Mrs. John Graham Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guenther
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Gulledge Ms. Belinda McLane Ms. Tina Patterson
Ms. Jane Rich Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thornton
Mr. and Mrs. John Troncale Ms Kandice Gupta Mr. and Mrs. Walt Schaefer
Ms Melissa Thornton Mr & Mrs Bryon Ellison Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hayes
Mrs. Jerry L. Tumlin Mrs. Candi Blackwell Mindy Rains
Chiquita Self Mr. Don Thurmond Ms. Wendy Giles
Mr. and Mrs. John Karr Mr. Fred Moore Mr. and Mrs. W Greg Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Crane Mr. and Mrs.. Bob Swan Mr. and Mrs. Audrey Kincer
Mr. and Mrs. Galen Owens, ` Ms. Helena Salame Mr. & Mrs. Charles Groover
Mrs. Lynn Parrott Katherine Pentecost Ms. Elissa Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garfield Mrs. Edward W. Surber Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Haskew
Mrs. Josephine Watts, Sr. McFarlin Huitt Panvini, Inc Shundra Bradford Sawyer
Mr. James M. Christopher Heather Clemmer Ms. Martha Elrod
Rep. and Mrs Craig Ford Mr. and Mrs. Ragan Godfrey Ms Wendy Goodwin
Ms. Jalania Harris Mr. Ben Johnston Donna Keeler and Jerry Reyling
Mrs. Donna Leach Marcus Longshore Wykail Majors
Mrs. Hazel P. Oliver Mr. DeLeath Rives Ms Kara Roberts
Mrs. Louie Roberts Mrs. Frances Schmuck Mrs. Barbara Shirley
Ms Karen Sims Mark Thompson Ms. Augusta D. Waters
Mrs. Thea Woodliff Ms. Ila Mae Wright Ms Dorothy Goodwin
Ms Glenda Taylor Mr. Ted Hegenbarth Ms. Vera Lee Jones
Ms. Pat Edwards Mr. Gregory McDonald Mr. Ray C. Rosson
Ms. Mariette Smith Mr. Dennis B. Adams Ms. Shelia Bellew
Ms. Ruth Forman Garrett Ms. Lesa Osborn Judy Parris
Brittany Rollin Pat Thweatt Ms. Melia Barnhill
Eric McEntire Mrs. Anita Barnett Dr. Nell Griffin
Elizabeth Kirk Mrs. Glenwood Pierson Ms. Peggy Prucnal
Ms. Jerry G. Burgess Mrs. Sylvia Smith Mona and Charles Hare
Rev. and Mrs. Julius L. Brasher Ms. Anne Shumaker Mark Wood Music Productions
Mr. and Mrs. George McCanless Ms. Melanie Loftin Mr. Kyle James Bacchus
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Varcak Ms Selma McMinn Jessica Hannah
Ms Monte McGee – Weldon Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Dawson Mr. and Dr. Kirby Derrick, D Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hutchinson
Nancy Lovoy Ms. Lisa Smith Ms. Pat Vann
Ms. Suzanne Springer Ms. Susan Lowe Jones Mr & Mrs Brent Morgan
Ms. Kristi Matlock MCA Consulting, LLC/ Michael Arthur Ms. Janice Marie Robertson
Mr. Charles Cunningham Ms. Mary Simmons Blackwell Agency – Allstate
Mrs. Claudia C. Reach Ms Rhonda Hammett Mr. and Mrs. Todd Edmonson
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Back Mr. Jon Jones Mrs. Billie S. Baker
Mr. Mark Ward Bobbie Early